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Hello! I began my career in Real Estate more than a decade ago while living in Minnesota. My career rose quickly while other agents were struggling to figure out the foreclosure & short sales, I focused my efforts on first-time homebuyers. My ability to connect with my clients on a real level and offer them honest service from the home search all the way to close quickly put me on the top of my small-town market.  Having referral partners that I trusted with my clients, soaking up every bit of industry education I could find, along with my creative marketing ideas propelled my career.  I took a brief break from sales to become an escrow closer for a national title company so that I could really understand what happens behind the scenes in that aspect of the transaction.

Then....I had a really bad winter and the thought of another frigid Minnesota winter no longer appealed to me. You may be thinking "It couldn't have been that bad being a Realtor® in Minnesota" - well, let me explain the top 4 reasons I decided to make a move: 

1.  Lighting charcoal in a coffee can in order to melt the ground so that I could install signposts was the norm six or seven months out of the year. 2.  Driving across a frozen lake was often times the fastest way to get from home to home between showings. 3. I had a near death experience trying to peel off layers of shirts, sweaters, vests, jackets, scarf & hat when the seat heaters in my vehicle decided NOT to turn off - while driving on an icy road, narrowly missing an oncoming truck. 4. I got my full-sized Chevy Tahoe stuck in a furrow left by a county snowplow, then trampled through two feet of snow in a sellers' unplowed driveway only to find the lockbox was frozen and I couldn't get into the home (oh yeah, AND my cell phone had no service). 

While Minnesota had always been my home, I decided enough was enough and figured my parents named me Sunny for a reason! I decided to relocate to Chandler Arizona where the forecast could shout my name almost every single day!

Shortly after my move to the Valley in 2014, with my husband and son, I joined the Amy Jones Group and focused my efforts on marketing and team growth. My interest in Social Media and keeping up on all the latest & greatest marketing tools makes my job a blast! I love working with this amazing group of smart, professional ladies and enjoy working towards the next best idea each and every day for all of our clients!